A history of quality and and a commitment to freshness - welcome to Thomas Diary.

Thomas Dairy is a small, family-owned dairy nestled in the beautiful, rolling hills of central Vermont. Our family has owned this land for over 150 years, starting from decidedly humble origins. When Grandfather Orin Thomas purchased our farm in 1854, it's unlikely that he knew he was beginning a family business that would continue to grow and prosper over the next four generations. Orin Thomas bought his first purebred Holstein in 1901.  Upon his death in 1909, his son Orin took over management of the farm, which then had 40 Holsteins. In 1921, Orin started delivering milk in Rutland City and Thomas Dairy was born.

Approximately 30% of cows in the U.S. are treated with rbST - a hormone used to boost milk production. Because consumers have expressed a strong preference for milk from cows NOT treated with rbST (recombinant bovine somatotropin), all milk produced for Thomas Dairy is rbST-free. Instead of relying on rbST for increased milk production, at Thomas Dairy we believe happy, peaceful cows from small, healthy herds produce the creamiest, tastiest milk. And, because ALL the milk from Thomas Dairy comes from Vermont farmers who have have pledged not to use rbST, we can guarantee it is hormone-free.

In addition to our standard milk products, we now carry a full line of other local dairy products including eggs, yogurt, butter, and cheese.

On behalf of our family and those who work at Thomas Dairy, we thank you for visiting our website and purchasing our products.

From our fields to you since 1921.