Our Products


You'll find no rbST in our milk and we can guarantee it as our milk comes only from select farms who have pledged their cows to be hormone-free.



Chocolate Milk

Kids need plenty of calcium to help make their growing bones strong. Thomas Dairy's Chocolate Milk is a great way to make sure your kids get all the calcium their growing bodies need and it tastes great!



Strawberry Milk

We've captured fresh from the field flavor in our smooth, creamy strawberry milk. It's the ultimate drink for strawberry lovers.




Coffee Milk

Ever remember Mom stirring up coffee, a little sugar and milk for a fun treat? Well now, Thomas Dairy brings you tasty, Coffee Milk made with Vitamin D Whole Milk, a Columbian coffee extract and sugar. 


Half & Half and Heavy Cream

Our Half & Half is loaded with farm-fresh flavor. Your coffee can't do without it!

Our pure and rich cream will enhance all your favorite recipes and beverages.


Orange Juice

Refreshing pure orange juice with no sugar and no preservatives. Guaranteed to add sunshine to your day.



Lemonade (seasonal)

New to Thomas Dairy, our homemade lemonade is produced with a high quantity of real lemon juice and makes for a refreshing summertime treat.




Enjoy one of the best-loved tastes of Christmas with our seasonal egg-nog. It's better than homemade!




Made in Vermont, this award-winning greek yogurt is available in several fruited flavors as well as a local favorite, maple! Click here to learn more.



Thomas Dairy distributes an array of products to retailers.